ISO 9001: Tractafric Equipment France renews its certification

ISO 9001-certified since 2011, Tractafric Equipment France, the headquarters of Tractafric Equipment, is audited once every three years to renew its certification.

The latest such audit was performed in late February and early March. Tractafric Equipment France passed the test, renewing its ISO 9001 certification for the next three years. The audit covered Heavy Construction Equipment, Mining, Parts, Energy and After-sales service processes, as well as the Information Systems, Human Resources, Legal and Tax processes. The goal of the triennial audit is to assess not only the quality of our processes, but also the progress made in relation to previous evaluations and the Group’s efforts to achieve continuous improvement. This year was unique in that Tractafric Equipment France, which had been certified under the 2008 version of ISO 9001, was audited under the 2015 standards for the first time.

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