Construction & Infrastructure: celebrating a record year with Caterpillar

Tractafric Equipment achieved record new heavy equipment sales in 2016, despite a shrinking market. The Group achieved 45% overall market share in all the regions where Tractafric Equipment operates – a level unseen since 2012.

The Group was particularly successful in the Global Construction & Infrastructure (GCI) sector, reaching 50% market share. This performance was driven by an exceptional contract – the sale of hundreds of machines in Gabon as part of the Sotrader product, which is similar in scale to the historic Cameroon-Chad pipeline and Trans-Gabon Railway projects, in which Tractafric Equipment also took part – in addition to a positive overall sales dynamic across all regions.

The staff at Tractafric Equipment celebrated their achievement in late January alongside Caterpillar representatives. The Group had the honor of hosting Paolo Fellin, Vice President for Global Construction & Infrastructure at Caterpillar, which served as a reminder of the enduring, close-knit relationship between Tractafric and its longstanding partner manufacturer CAT, which is 85 years strong.

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