Ethical commitment

Our compliance policy


In December 2012, Optorg drafted an Ethics Charter as part of its commitment to doing business in an ethical, socially responsible manner. The Charter sets forth principles to guide all company and subsidiary employees in their daily work: respect for others, compliance with trade rules and regulations, respect for company property, etc.


To ensure strict compliance with the Charter, Optorg has implemented an awareness-raising initiative designed to help employees rise to the challenges they face on the ground.

  • The Code of Business Conduct presents the Charter’s principles in the form of everyday guidelines to help our teams successfully implement our values.
  • The Ethics Committee ensures all employees comply with the Charter. The Committee holds meetings periodically to make sure the ethics program is effective and decide on any changes that may be necessary.
  • The Compliance team raises awareness and keeps the teams informed.        
  • The Compliance officer can be contacted at for any question related to compliance issues within the group.
  • A confidential, toll-free telephone service is available to report any concerns relating to compliance issues.

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