Social responsibility

Our CSR Policy


Mindful of its moral, social and environmental responsibilities, Optorg has adopted two framework documents that set forth objectives and a code of conduct to guide its employees in their daily work: an Ethics Charter and a QSE Charter.

Ethical commitment


Optorg is committed to developing its business in an ethically and socially responsible manner. To this end, the Group has established an Ethics Charter that clearly asserts its values and principles.


In addition, a Code of Business Conduct lays out principles for action based on the pledges contained in the Charter.


The Charter and Code are applicable to all the employees. An Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring strict compliance within the company.

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QSE Policy 


ISO 9001 (V 2008) : certification qualité des sociétés Optorg, Tractafric Equipment et Tractafric Motors CorporationOur group operates in sectors that are especially demanding with regard to quality, safety and the environment: automobile, building and public works, mining, oil & gas, etc.


Accordingly, the company has adopted a proactive approach to these issues, led by personnel tasked with implementing a QSE policy that reflects the needs, expectations and requirements of each stakeholder, including employees, partners, customers, suppliers and the local community.


A QSE Charter sets forth the principles underlying the QSE policy maintained by Optorg and its subsidiaries. In line with these principles, Optorg, Tractafric Equipment and Tractafric Motors Corporation have been awarded ISO 9001 (V 2008) certification.


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