Working at Optorg

Micheline M.

Administrative Coordinator for After-Sales Service, Cameroon, Tractafric Equipment Corporation

I began my career with the group as the administrator of a generator maintenance base established as part of a subcontracting agreement with a mobile telecoms provider. Specifically,…


Kouadio A.

Senior Vice President for Finance in Côte d’Ivoire, Tractafric Motors Corporation

I’ve been working for Tractafric in Côte d’Ivoire for almost 20 years. My proudest accomplishment is to have played an active part to the company’s development at…


Sofia M.

Optorg Internal Control and Compliance Manager

I joined Optorg’s internal audit team three years ago. In that time I’ve tackled a series of projects at the holding company and subsidiaries, each completely different from…


Olivier L.

Sales Manager in the DRC, Tractafric Motors Corporation

I am an Automotive Sales Manager in the DRC. The market here is unpredictable and it’s a very challenging situation! Through strong teamwork, we are able to sign some noteworthy…


Imane H.

Oil & Gas Marine Sales Assistant, Tractafric Equipment Corporation

Since I began work here in 2011, my job in the Oil & Gas Marine department at headquarters has only gotten more fulfilling. We’re constantly optimizing our work methods…


Luc-Vivien M.

M&A Officer, Optorg

I’ve just finished my second year at Optorg. I studied at the Université Catholique d’Afrique centrale, in Cameroon, and later at the EMLYON business school in France.…