Optorg’s organic and external growth objectives are backed by three key assets:


Proven know-how:

  • Teams with expert knowledge in what it takes to foster international growth
  • “On-the-ground” experience in B2B and B2C business
  • Management of logistics channels between Asia, Europe, the United States and Africa

A solid foundation for growth:

  • An international presence
  • A large, diversified customer portfolio
  • Strong name recognition, paired with a reputation for expertise and quality of service

Positioning in booming markets, featuring:

  • Sustained and lasting economic growth of almost 5% for at least the next five years
  • Major investment: $150 billion in foreign investment expected in 2015
  • Exponential demographic growth: population set to double by 2050
  • Emergence of a middle class with high purchasing power: 250 million people by 2040, representing a $2 trillion market

Optorg intends to utilize these assets to consolidate the positions of its two subsidiaries, Tractafric Equipment and Tractafric Motors Corporation, as leaders in their respective sectors.


In time, the company would like to leverage its experience and expertise to branch out into new areas of business.