Compliance policy gains a training program and dedicated team

07/2013 – Optorg has set up a training program and formed a Compliance team to make sure the Ethics Charter is observed by all employees.


Last December, Optorg drafted an Ethics Charter that sets forth the principles employees must follow in their daily work, including respect for others, compliance with trade rules and regulations, and respect for company property.


To ensure compliance with the Charter, Optorg is in currently rolling out a program designed to raise awareness among employees of essential ethical principles and to help them observe the rules in their day-to-day work.


A Code of Business Conduct has also been published, presenting the Charter’s principles through everyday guidelines and real-life applications.


An awareness-raising training course has also just been launched. The first session was held in May for subsidiary management teams. A second session, open to all employees, is planned for the second half of 2013. It will use role-playing to bring everyday compliance issues to life. E-learning materials will also soon be available to round out the initiative.


A dedicated Compliance team was recently formed to help successfully implement these plans. For its part, the Ethics Committee will make sure the program is effective and oversee its development.


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