Joining Optorg means becoming part of a firmly established company that boasts a long history and a tradition of diversified growth.

As a service company, Optorg knows people are central to our development alongside our three pillars: service, expertise and Africa.

  • A sense of and affinity for service are vital in our high-value-added distribution businesses.
  • Sector-based expertise is indispensable in our highly technical lines of business, and our teams enhance their knowledge during frequent trainings in partnership with manufacturers.
  • As the Group’s main market, Africa forms the core of our vision as a company, which is why a desire to further the continent’s development is essential to work at Optorg.


Jobs at both our subsidiaries and corporate office primarily lie within one of three main lines of work:

sales, technical and support.


A core component of our distribution business, sales positions include a vital advisory role to ensure that customers receive comprehensive, tailored guidance worthy of the manufacturers we represent, which are among the best in the world.


Technical positions – after-sales service, diagnostics, maintenance and repair – are central to our business, representing the value-added that is fundamental at Optorg. Our teams receive regular training, in partnership with manufacturers, to ensure they remain in step with the most advanced technical standards.


Support roles – sales administration, logistics, accounting, marketing, human resources and information systems – are the third cornerstone of our business, guaranteeing optimal customer support and a fluid relationship with manufacturers.